Monday, April 28, 2008

Mine is a Crazed Life

Today I had to admit to myself there are many facets of my life that are just not sane. Among my other pursuits, I race bicycles. Yesterday, I spent approximately 3.25 hours riding as fast as I could in the rain. Up and down hills, through pastureland. Getting drenched and covered with mud, sand, and cow sh*t (I did mention "pastureland"). Did I also mention I paid $20 for the experience?

So today, I open the garage door to head out on the morning commute. It's raining. Hard. 15 minutes later, I'm drenched. Water is dripping off my helmet, my nose. My socks are waterlogged and making that unpleasant squelching sound. And my first thought is: "Hey, at least it's not cow sh*t".

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