Monday, March 15, 2010

One Less Car

Trying a little experiment for the next couple of months: seeing if we can live with one less car. We've kind of been doing this for a while, anyway. The minivan has spent most of its life in the driveway, but now we're committed. Well, sort of:

a) We loaned the minivan to the church, and we'll get it back this summer. And we could probably "borrow" it back in an emergency.
b) My oldest is home on break this week, so we have an extra car if we need it.

But I don't think we will. It may take some advance planning, but we should be able to pull it off. Wife has a car. Offspring #2 and #3 have bus passes. I have plenty of bicycles.

Ironically, the biggest challenge may be arranging transportation to my bicycle races, since they usually take place a couple of hours outside town. So I may have to ride the race bike over to a teammate's house and carpool. It's not used to carrying me and a backpack, but we'll survive.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Put the Car Keys Down

Tried to destroy myself this weekend. Racing is just around the corner, so I'm putting in some hard miles to get ready. Sunday afternoon, I'm lying on the couch and starting to think about dinner. Check the refrigerator. Need milk. Need beer. Need to go to the grocery store. Pick up the car keys.

Think some more. Dog needs a walk. I need a walk to flush the lactic acid out of my legs. Put the car keys down and pick up the backpack. Twenty minutes later, we're at the store. Dog gets a treat and some water. I get the groceries. Twenty minutes later we're back home. Groceries got. Dog walked. Legs flushed. "QED - Quite Easily Done", as my high school math teacher would say.

Monday and the significant other has a medical appointment. She can drive herself there, but won't be able to drive home afterward. Pick up the car keys.

Think some more. Nope, that won't work. Car can take me to the clinic, but how do I get two cars home by myself? Put the car keys down and pick up the bike. I ride over to the clinic, put the bike on top of the car, and drive both of us home. QED.

Oftentimes, a car creates more problems than it solves.