Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Damn, this traffic jam!

It's been a lonely slog this winter. Especially the first two commutes of the year, when I didn't see another cyclist out on the road. Can't blame them, really. Mid-40s, dark, and raining didn't exactly make me leap for joy to be out riding. Forecast was for rain again this morning, so imagine my surprise to see stars and the moon when I went out to get the paper. Do I ride the nice bike? Better not press my luck. Rain bike it is.

I pull up to the stop sign at the bottom of the first hill to wait for cross traffic. And the cross traffic is: another cyclist! I make my left and pull in behind him. We wend our way to the bottom of the second hill and: the light is still green! Through the intersection, and cyclist #2 turns right, but up ahead I can see: cyclists #3 and #4!

Down the third hill, we pass cyclists #5, #6, and #7 coming up the hill. Stoplight at the bottom, and cyclists #8 and #9 pass through. Onto the bike path, turn right at the next street and I leave #3 and #4 to head north. I make my solitary way for the last mile, but it was nice to have the company this morning. Pulling into the parking lot, I'm greeted by this (can Spring be far behind?):

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