Friday, September 04, 2009

Affordable Green

I found this post on the Sustain Newsladder website, "Shopping Green Without Spending in the Red". It forwards an interesting concept: our consumption patterns are a set of choices we make. By choosing to buy this particular product, I forgo the opportunity to buy another product. And more holistically, if I choose to spend some of my finite dollars to buy this product, those dollars are no longer available to fund other activities.

What if you turned this idea on its head? There are many issues and concerns I would like to impact in my life and in the world. Some of them require money. There are other things I don't need or care about. What if I stopped investing in those activities? I'd have more money to invest in the things I do care about.

Walk, or ride a bicycle instead of driving/owning a car. Drink tap water instead of soda or imported bottled water. Cook at home instead of takeout. Unplug the television and read instead. Get off the consumption merry-go-round.

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