Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Walk Away

I just read this interesting article by Osha Davidson, "What My Marriage Counselor Asked", Mother Jones. In it, he compares the current climate change debate to a bad marriage, where the two participants keep circling around and around the same issues, without ever moving forward:

"The battle between those who accept global warming and those who don't is like a really bad marriage where the two sides bicker endlessly over who's right. This marriage cannot be saved. It's time for a divorce."

It's time to move on. The clock has run out on the existential debate. We need to move on to solving the unprecedented problems that lie ahead of us:

"Journalists and others need to turn our attention to solutions. Debating solutions to global warming is a sign of a healthy relationship."

So when faced with a denier, wish them well, and tell them you've moved on with your life. And then pedal away.

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