Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crying over spilled oil

I'm having a difficult time generating outrage over the ecological catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. What did you expect? The earth is running out of oil. We are now drilling holes 3 miles deep, under a mile of water to feed our addiction. I've heard the remark, "We can land a man on the moon. Why can't we plug a hole in the ground?". The difference is we can equip men to survive on the surface of the moon. We can't equip them to survive at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Outrage? Where was the outrage over Ixtoc, off the coast of Guatemala? What about the 5-month leak in the Timor Sea? Nigeria? Northern Alberta? Ecuador? Who will cry when this happens again (and it will) off the coast of Norway? Madagascar? Sri Lanka? Greenland?

Extraction of the planet's resources is a dirty and dangerous business. And yet we continue to consume. Every one of us is responsible for what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. At least now it's happening where more will take notice.

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